The latest diamond:
WKSHNE #44830


Power the first ever PoW NFT - HACD
to become a mainstream store of value

BTC is Good in store of value.

Why HACD better?

The full name of HACD is Hacash Diamond. It's a Non-Fungible Token runs on the Hacash mainnet.

HACD can only be acquired by mining, the same process used to create Bitcoin. Each HACD has a unique ID consisting of 6 letters. The first HACD “NHMYYM” was mined on May 16, 2019.

The level of difficulty for each HACD to be mined only goes up until it reaches the limit.

Though the difficulty of mining is adjusted with the decreasing computing power of Bitcoin, its output remains the same, resulting in a drop in cost. This scheme undermines the positioning of BTC in store of value.

Although Bitcoin has always been comparing to gold as a store of value, gold will never devalue even if no one is mining it.

Difficulty rises

The difficulty of mining only rises, and can far exceed the difficulty of Bitcoin mining.

On-demand mining

On-demand mining: when the market does not have a strong demand for HACD, the output can be reduced or stopped.

Bid to mint

It needs to burn another PoW coin, HAC, for bidding and production.

Aesthetic value

Each HACD is indivisible, unique, and has aesthetic value for collection.

Types and Attributes

Special Shape1,7123.2907 % More>>
Square2050.3940 % More>>
Ellipse2100.4037 % More>>
Heart2230.4286 % More>>
Triangle2360.4536 % More>>
Teardrop1970.3787 % More>>
Circle2220.4267 % More>>
Rhombus2310.4440 % More>>
Hexagon1880.3614 % More>>
W Dark blue1080.2076 % More>>
T Blue1120.2153 % More>>
Y Red purple1090.2095 % More>>
U Blue purple890.1711 % More>>
I Red1240.2383 % More>>
A Red cyan1200.2307 % More>>
H Pink1060.2037 % More>>
X Grey1280.2460 % More>>
V Light pink 1040.1999 % More>>
M Yellow secret1030.1980 % More>>
E Secret960.1845 % More>>
K Pink cyan1090.2095 % More>>
B Cyan930.1788 % More>>
S Green1140.2191 % More>>
Z Gold1050.2018 % More>>
N Yellow Cyan920.1768 % More>>
Pure200.0384 % More>>
Left three pure1890.3633 % More>>
Left mix pure2060.3960 % More>>
Right three pure1770.3402 % More>>
Right mix pure1870.3594 % More>>
Symmetry1710.3287 % More>>
Half divide1840.3537 % More>>
Double mix1800.3460 % More>>
Center color2,5104.8246 % More>>
Edge color2,7055.1994 % More>>
Sum four color00.0000 %
Sum five color10.0019 %
Sum six color500.0961 % More>>
All 14 color1960.3767 % More>>
All 15 color80.0154 % More>>
All 16 color00.0000 %
Big slam00.0000 %
Penta repeat20.0038 %
Quadro repeat600.1153 % More>>
Triple repeat1,0331.9856 % More>>
Two letters400.0769 % More>>
Three letters1,2262.3566 % More>>
Half repeat180.0346 % More>>
Symmetric letters140.0269 % More>>
Single num90.0173 % More>>
Repetition310.0596 % More>>
Tail four380.0730 % More>>
Tail five00.0000 %
Tail six00.0000 %
Serial num170.0327 % More>>
Serial repeat1170.2249 % More>>
Symmetric num5791.1129 % More>>